We could not do what we do without the following volunteer officers and firefighters!

Brian Reilly - Fire Chief and EMT B

Cody Vogt - Assistant Fire Chief

Reed Curl - Lieutenant - Licensed Paramedic

Tim Robertson Jr. - Firefighter

Tim Robertson Sr. - Firefighter

Stephen Schwarz - Firefighter - EMT B

Jason Spenrath - Firefighter

Hunter Peterson - Probationary Firefighter

Jake Wright - Probationary Firefighter

Matt Wessels - Probationary Firefighter

Andrea Perez - Probationary Firefighter

Chris Moreno - Probationary Firefighter

SVFD volunteer firefighters spend countless personal hours training to be the best we can to assist the public. We are always looking for new volunteers to train to be firefighters. If you have a desire to do something great for your community and become  apart of a family of brothers and sisters who work side by side, we invite you to come on down to the station on Wednesday nights and see what its all about.

Volunteer firefighters live everyday lives like everyone else in the community, they have jobs, families and events and sometimes even sleep, calls never come at a convenient time, it maybe dinner time or a kids sporting event and they drop what they are doing and respond to the emergency and take care of the task at hand. Once the emergency is over equipment has to be cleaned and restocked for the next call before they can go about their normal lives. So next time you see a vehicle with its lights and sirens going, please move to the side of the road and allow them to pass, so that they can safely get to the location of the call to assist your neighbor, friend or even a family member.

After 28 years with the Sisterdale VFD Chief John Hernandez has decided to retire as the chief of the department. His leadership, guidance and presence will be greatly missed. We wish him the best in life and he will always be apart of the department.

Congratulations to Reed Curl for being chosen the 2019 firefighter of the year.

Congratulations to Tim Robertson SR for being chosen as the 2018 firefighter of the year.

We are sorry to see Nic Campbell leave the department but wish him well as he has moved on to be a full time firefighter for Katy Fire Department in Katy, Texas.

Congratulations to Nic Campbell for being chosen as Firefighter of the Year for 2017

Congratulations to Brian Reilly and Nic Campbell for completing the EMT B course and passing the exam!

Congratulations to Brian Reilly, Nic Campbell and Kyle Martinez for completing the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service's Wildland Firefighting Course!

Congratulations to Brian Reilly and Nic Campbell for completing the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service's Vehicle Extrication Course!

Congratulations to Brian Reilly for getting his Swiftwater Rescue Technician - Advanced (SRT-A) international certification and Nic Campbell for getting his Swiftwater Rescue Technician 1 (SRT-1) international certificate!

EMT Course at Waring VFD

Wildland Firefighting Course at Comfort VFD